Our cabins

In the green heart of the city of Sainte-Anne leave everything, without really being far from everything! You will be 10 minutes from the emblematic beaches of the island as well as the various activities it has in store for you.

Loïck Peyron said “Getting away from everything brings you a little closer to the essential”, come and find your essentials in one of our cabins…

ANSHI (“Love” in Native American)

In the heart of the Grands Fonds in Sainte-Anne, in lush vegetation, is nestled our first cabin named Anshi. Born from a convergence of several influences from various cultures, Anshi has literally been sculpted.

Sono Cabin

Sono (“pretty girl” in Native American): With an exacerbated atypical character, larger area (100m² of living space), private swimming pool 3mx5m, 2 residential nets, relaxation area suspended above a pool and a private sauna. Sober and chic oriental inspiration.

Yâdun Cabin

Yâdun (“to travel” in Native American): The very essence of the “hut” in a majestic Ficus with footprint of approximately 30m², jacuzzi, living net, terrace, all deployed on several levels. Art deco and industrial inspired.